Terms and Conditions

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You should refer these terms and conditions before purchase our product or a service. If you want to purchase any service or a product then you can read about the product in product description and if you have anything to know more, please contact Pious Brain before make a purchase, otherwise you may purchase wrong product that does not match with your requirements. May be it will cause to lose a bit of your money while making a refund in according to our Refund policy. These terms & conditions can be changed in the future, but whenever you purchase goods or services from us you will be covered by the existing terms & conditions by the date of purchase, and when you have to renew your product or service our new terms & conditions will be applied from the date of renewal.

Full refund

If you request a refund before we purchase any thirdparty services onbehalf of you then we can make you a full refund with deducting 15% of the amount and you'll get your refund.

Partial refund

If you want a refund for an on-going project, then you can contact us before requesting a refund. We will submit you our costings on your project up-to your contacted date and you can have the rest of money back as a partial refund.

Non refundable state.

For completed projects you can't have any refund.